THC Shatter 1g Hash Rosin (Smokanagan Squish)


Each 1g Hash Rosin THC shatter (Smokanagan squish) contains a specific terpene blend giving each strain its unique effects and flavorful experience.

Experience the ultimate cannabis concentrate with our premium 1g Hash Rosin. Crafted with care, this potent and flavorful extract delivers a smooth and powerful high. Discover the perfect addition to your cannabis collection and elevate your smoking experience today.

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THC Shatter 1g Hash Rosin

Experience the ultimate cannabis concentrate with our premium THC Shatter 1g Hash Rosin. Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, our product delivers potent effects and unparalleled purity. Elevate your cannabis experience today with our exceptional THC Shatter.


Ultimate potency and purity with our 1g Hash Rosin. Crafted using premium cannabis strains, our hash rosin delivers a clean, flavorful, and powerful high. Elevate your cannabis experience with our top-quality THC Shatter Hash Rosin today. Hash rosin goes one step further by only using freshly frozen plants instead of cured product varieties.

The result is a much more flavorful version of your standard bubble hash that looks much more like a thick, opaque earwax than traditionally translucent shatter dabs. It also takes more work to produce and typically creates a smaller yield — making it rare on the modern marijuana market.


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