Red Congolese gary payton weed strain


Gary payton weed strainWith THC levels falling between 18-21%, Red Congolese is a shot of focus, unlike anything else. It’s better than any Super-Venti triple espresso, and it doesn’t hit you with the shakes. gary payton weed strain is a shot of focus, unlike anything else.

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Gary payton weed strain Red Congolese Strain Information

Red Congolese is a shot of focus, unlike anything else. It’s better than any Super-Venti triple espresso, and it doesn’t hit you with the shakes. Get yours today for a boost of clean energy, with a side of the tingles.

When it comes to feeling good, we all want a magic formula. Only if there was something that slaps a smile on your face and puts that pep in your step. Hmmm, got it! Red Congolese is a powerful punch of euphoria that sets your day in the best direction.

Do you crave more creativity in your life? Is there an artist in you ready to burst out of its cage? If you said yes to either, here’s the remedy, Red Congolese. It’s the only thing missing from getting your art in the Louvre.

You don’t need to fly halfway across the world to enjoy the Congo, thanks to gary payton weed strain.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects


Red Congolese is a pure sativa in every sense of the word. Its lineage isn’t entirely known, but growers have gathered Red Congo is a cross between a Mexican sativa, landrace Afghani and Congolese. What a time to be alive eh?!

If you’re expecting a red nugget of cannabis, sorry to disappoint. Red Congolese isn’t covered in red, but it does feature accents of red alongside plenty of amber hairs.

The medium-dense bud structure is characterized by small nugs and the fresh smell of skunk and cheese. Yes, that’s right, a fresh scent of skunk and cheese, with sweet after tones.

gary payton weed strain Red Congolese is a spicy smoke that some users may find strange at first, but as the smoke settles, so does the flavour. It’s like a relaxing cup of Rooibos tea.

This strain is well known for its uplifting effects. The high is a bit of a creeper, so start slow and wait a bit for the high to settle in. The journey begins with a tingling sensation that runs down the spine.

Before you know it, the mind snaps into a state of focus that unleashes a creative uproar.

Imagination soars as abstract ideas and concepts come and go at the speed of light. This makes Red Congolese the perfect strain for a day of music, arts and crafts or movies. As the high intensifies cerebrally, the effects on the body start to show.

The body-stone is light in comparison to the mental impact, but it’s present nonetheless. Once the high ultimately settles in, it’s time to take your show on the road.

gary payton weed strain is an excellent choice for battling social anxieties. Lots of people like to medicate with it before hosting an event or public speaking. Other medicinal benefits include easing chronic pain, inflammation, and relieving stress.

Red Congolese Medical Benefits

Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Stress, Fatigue

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