Jaw-dropping Ohana Cannabis Peanut Butter Breath


Ohana Cannabis Peanut Butter Breath is one of a kind. Few strains can match the amazing potency, experience, and taste of this rare strain. A perfectly balanced hybrid created by combining Dosidos with Mendo Breath F2, Peanut Butter Breath’s uplifting head high, sedative body high and amazing flavours will make you go nuts.

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Peanut Butter Breath Strain Information

How many strains exist out there that actually taste like the thing they’re named after? There aren’t many, which is why the Ohana Cannabis Peanut Butter Breath strain is so special! With 21-28% THC on average, a delicious nutty flavour, and great effects to boot,


your mind, body and taste buds will go nuts! Specially cultivated in small batches to maintain maximum flavor, potency, and quality, this Craft Collection strain is one that you won’t soon forget!

, Flavour, and

The Ohana Cannabis Peanut Butter Breath strain is an odd one. It’s a rare and hard-to-find cultivar with an interesting lineage and a name that says it all. Combining the genetics of Dosidos with Mednobreath F2, this strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid with equal parts indica and sativa properties.


While the buds themselves are dense and grape-shaped, the colour is something completely different. The leaves are dark-green and on the surface, red-orange pistils poke their way through to the surface. To complete the look, a thick layer of white and purple weed trichomes coats the surface in a thick layer of kief.


smells and tastes extremely close to its namesake. Its uniquely nutty, earthy, and herbaceous collection of terpenes makes it a captivating choice for tokers after big flavor. Breathe deeply enough and you might even be able to detect hints of earth and skunk! With such a unique terpene profile and flavor, this Craft Collection strain is truly one of a kind.


Would it be too punny of us to say that this strain’s effects will drive you nuts? As soon as that first toke hits your lungs, a light, the cerebral effect takes hold of your mind. Your mind will get lighter and lighter as the high slowly spreads downwards from the head down.


Thanks to Ohana Cannabis Peanut Butter Breath’s uplifting and sedative effects, this strain has great medicinal potential. Its relaxing properties can help treat pain, stress and depression. Ohana Cannabis Peanut Butter Breath can also help stimulate appetite for patients undergoing treatment!

Peanut Butter Breath Medical Benefits

Pain, Stress, Appetite Loss, Nausea

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