OG Kush


Believe it or not, getting your hands on the OG strain of OG Kush is a whole lot harder than most people expect. Knockoffs, hybrids, and ancestors of OG Kush are readily available – but this is one of the few shots most people have at getting OG Kush itself.

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OG Kush Strain Information

OG Kush may be the most original weed strain of all time, literally. This cannabis plant is the backbone for the whole OG family and has given birth to some of the most legendary weed strains to cannabis culture. It’s heavily praised and has gained popularity from being featured in movies and more!

Because this strain is so deep in history, its exact genetics is hard to confirm, but some believe it could have been crossed with an early Chemdawg or Hindu Kush. Nowadays the majority believe that the word “OG” means Original Gangster but some people refer to it as “Ocean Grown Kush”, most likely referring to how it used to grow close by the sea, by the California Bay. If a strain has this title, then many people consider it to be a strain worthy of attention. In this case, it’s the most original of OG strains!


OG Kush has a lot of earthiness coming out of it and really being a landmark for many Kush strains. It’s a unique pungency and holds a complex aroma of gassy fuel, skunk, and aromatic spices. Since this strain is often used for hybridization, every single strain that descends from OG Kush has this same skunky and spicy earthiness, a sort of dank, damp, dark earth sort of aroma that is instantly recognizable.


A lot of those same aromas help to add some complexity to the flavour of OG Kush. You’re going to get that earthy, dank sort of flavour right out of the gate. But you’re also going to get a bit of spice and a bit of pepper into the mix, too. The smoke has a bite that a lot of other Kush strains don’t, it’s a little bit like the smoke you’d expect to get off of a barbecue. At the end of the day, all of those earthy flavours are intertwined with a hint of citrus which rounds everything quite nicely without being overpowering.


OG Kush nugs have a unique and dense Indica-like structure, which is kind of wild considering the fact that this is a sativa-dominant hybrid in nature. The buds themselves are generally medium to larger-sized nugget-looking buds, chunky and heavy. The leaves are a green-yellow sort of blend with just orange patches glistening in trichomes. This bud is a beauty to look at, it’s definitely photogenic!

OG Kush Strain Effects

OG Kush has powerful mental effects and brings a quick surge of energy to people. You’ll notice your environment more as your senses are heightened. It’s also very relaxing and uplifting to help free stress, worry, and anxiety. This hybrid produces an experience that’s similar to a pure sativa with a nice euphoric head-rush that will leave you feeling sociable! It’s a weed strain that loves the sun and enjoys a good conversation with anyone and everyone around you. This strain may give you the case of giggles but will also produce hunger really easily. Snacks look so good and taste even better. Combined with its high THC average of 25-27%, the effects of OG Kush are a great choice for treating chronic stress, anxiety, depression, appetite loss, or any headaches or migraines. This cannabis strain is excellent for gatherings and stimulating the brain to lift your mood.



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This strain is best used during the day or early evening because of its somewhat stimulating and uplifting effects. Even if you’re alone, you can take advantage of the euphoria it provides in various scenarios.

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