Grand Daddy Purple Strain


Grand Daddy Purple Strain, or GDP, is famous for its deep purple color and a very powerful body high A famous west coast strain, a cross between Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan bred by EC Genetics. It’s got undeniably good looks, but the buzz and uplifting effects are the full package!

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Grand Daddy Purple Strain Information

Grand Daddy Purple Strainuu is a very famous Indica strain on the west coast and should be on the top of your list if you’re looking for purple weed. Coming from a lineage of the old schools, Mendo Purps and Skunk and Afghanistan. It’s going to have heavy sedating properties. This strain is famous for its deep purple color and is truly a beautiful strain to look at if you love showing off exotic strains to your buddies. There is often a slight psychedelic effect that is the true gem of this strain as it provides trippy visions and relaxes your body into a peaceful wonder. This strain is very euphoric with full bodied effects.


As the ‘purple’ portion of its name might suggest, this flower emits a fragrance of grape and berries. Just one small chunk of Grand Daddy Purple is enough to fill a room with its sensational smell. It supplies a satisfying sweetness and fruitiness that lingers in the air. In other words, it’s as enticing as it is delicious!


Plus, it tastes like it smells! Grand Daddy Purple holds the delicious flavours of grapes and berries while also containing a beautiful blend of earthy pine mixed with the sweetness of citrus fruit. Users often compare the taste of the exhale to the taste of a grape popsicle.


Just one look at Grand Daddy Purple strain, and its beauty is undeniable. It inherited its iconic deep and dark purple hue from Purple Urkle and the dense buds of Big Bud. It’s the pinnacle of purple weed perfection! Blended throughout the buds are bright orange hairs. It is also generously coated in frosted white trichomes.

Granddaddy Purple Strain Effects

Grand Daddy Purple strain will hit your body in both body and mind at the get-go. Users will likely experience an uplift in mood coupled with euphoria. As your mind ventures to new heights, you will also supply a smooth body buzz, as most Indica-dominant strains do. So, not only does it release all the stress, tensions and pain from your body. It also puts you in good spirits, too! These qualities make this strain a wonderful indulgence for a cozy night in. It will have you relaxed and at peace just in time for you to doze off to dreamland. That said, with THC levels ranging from 20-27%, this strain packs a punch! So, novice tokers should approach it with caution.

Medically speaking, Grand Daddy Purple strain is fantastic for relieving pain, tension and stress. Its uplifting properties make it great for treating symptoms of depression and anxiety. Its sedating qualities also make it very effective for treating insomnia. Grand Daddy Purple is also known for producing the munchies, making it effective for appetite loss.



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GDP, or Grand Daddy Purple, is famous for its deep purple color and is truly a beautiful strain to look at if you love exotic purple flowers. Take a venture to new heights as you feel a smooth body buzz and lift your spirits.

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