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Gas Mask is very suitable name because you’re going to want to wear one when smoking this dank strain. It’s got a very high THC level, so its effects will be quite potent.

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Gas Mask Strain Information

Gas Mask is an Indica-dominant strain created by Pacific NW Roots, a team of Washington-based growers that are no strangers in the cannabis industry. So, you can be sure that this strain is going to be of high quality!

Right off the bat, let us warn you that Gas Mask isn’t for the faint of heart. It has an average THC content of 25%, with some phenotypes reaching as high as 28%. Best known for its pungent aroma, Gas Mask is the result of crossing the notorious Cherry Pie and Alien Kush. Be careful where you decide to enjoy this strain because it won’t take long for the entire room to be filled with its diesel-like scent.


We think the name Gas Mask is very suitable for this strain because you’re going to want to wear one when smoking this dank weed. This strain has a super strong odor. It is funky, pungent, and kind of skunky. The aroma is mostly diesel, with notes of earthiness. However, owing to its parent Cherry Pie, the strain also gives off hints of cherries and berries.


Comparatively, the flavor is a lot more pleasant than the aroma. Gas Mask will give you flavors of diesel and skunk, but there are also hints of sweetness and fruit – thanks to Cherry Pie’s delicious genetics! But don’t end up smoking too much just because it tastes good. Remember, this strain has an incredibly high THC level.


Gas Mask can be as overwhelming to look at as it is to smell. The flowers are enormous, dense, and heavily covered in trichomes. With minty olive green leaves, dark purple hues, and orange pistils, this strain is a real feast for the eyes.

Gas Mask Strain Effects

As mentioned before, Gas Mask has a very high THC level. So, it’s no surprise that its effects are quite potent. This is definitely not a strain for first-time smokers or those with low tolerance levels. When smoked in moderation, it can provide a powerful high that can leave you feeling tingly and trippy.

However, its cerebral effects wear out pretty quickly, with a heavy body high soon taking over. You’ll slip into a deep couch lock, making it hard to move or even think clearly. Therefore, this strain is best enjoyed at night or when you have nothing else planned for the day.

Gas Mask can also be quite helpful in treating certain medical conditions. Its Indica properties make it great for managing pain and inflammation. It can also help with insomnia, depression, chronic pain, or PTSD.

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