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Ganja buy online, A juicy blend of tropical fruit punch flavours and aromas will make you feel like you’re lounging on the beaches of Hawaii with its light and euphoric high.

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Ganja buy online Maui Wowie Strain Information

Like its namesake would suggest, Maui Wowie is a sativa dominant hybrid that originated in the 1960s in Hawaii. Originally developed as one of the first next-generation strains with an elevated THC content ranging from 20-28%, Maui Wowie has stood the test of time. Ganja buy online, It still remains one of the top choices for sativa lovers looking for a clean euphoric high.

The original breeders and origins of Maui Wowie are unknown. However, what we know is that Maui Wowie started as an original outdoor grow in Maui. Soon it spread to the rest of the Hawaiian Islands and the rest of the world, with its popularity, flavour, and potent effects.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

A sativa dominant hybrid. Maui Wowie, at its core, is a tropical strain boasting a luscious array of colours and a juicy flavour profile to boot. Bright green nugs mix in with the rich orange hairs on the bud. A nice coating of trichomes wraps everything together and adds some flare to the appearance of the plant.

When opening a container or Maui Wowie, the room will fill with an addictive scent composed of pineapple, mango, strawberry, and kiwi. Its tropical fruit punch aroma is so intoxicating that it will have you burrowing your nose in the container every single time you open it.

Luckily, Maui Wowie also has a nearly identical flavour profile.

On the inhale, you’ll get a smack of a nice tropical fruit punch with some herbal sprinkled in. The smoke on the exhale exits your mouth in a velvety smooth stream, leaving hints of pineapple and mango on your tongue.

Maui Wowie’s effects are energizing yet relaxing. Creative yet calm. This strain can set you on vacation mode in the first few puffs. Frequent users of Maui Wowie describe the experience as light and euphoric. Users will also experience a pleasant cerebral high that makes itself present moments after the first toke. Ganja buy online What follows next is a slight body buzz. It adds lightness to your step coupled with a sense of well-being and euphoria, relaxing the mind and soothing the body at the same time.

On top of that, users will experience a sense of the munchies, accentuating the different textures felt in foods and livening up simple drinks like water and juice. Sensory details are also greatly enhanced thanks to its sativa effects. Music, movies, games – you name it. Ganja buy online and find out.

For the most part, Maui Wowie isn’t the type of strain that will weigh you down. In fact, frequent users of the strain enjoy it due to its stimulating effects. They also claim that it enhances productivity and keeps them on the move. Due to its medium-high strength stimulating effects, Maui Wowie is the perfect option for a chill night out with friends. Or a daytime smoke where you need an extra bit of creative juice.

Additionally, its cerebral high calms the mind, quelling symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. It is a great companion for the days you need to destress and let loose. This strain can help you find a creative escape.

Maui Wowie Medical Benefits

Mood Elevation, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Stress, Ganja buy online

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